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Misha Waks 

I have worked for the last 15 years for various corporations as a designer. I quit designing and started creating art thanks to which I can pay attention to things that are really important. From 2019 I started to create and in 2020 I realized my first exhibition.

In my work, I deal with topics such as climate change, women's and minority rights. I raise topics related to identity, body and the lack of authorities and role models. I am inspired by historic events and I am moved by everyday life injustas. I work with different techniques depending on the effect I want to achieve. Sometimes works illustrate stories I heard on the radio at other times, which I was inspired while watching a documentry movie or daily news. In the thousands of photos that I see every day in the press, internet or social network sites I choose and play with those that seems to me most important. I create my own internal collection of topics and content to share in a modified form.

As a human being, I feel that due to everyday small activities I can change reality on a very limited level. Art give me more opportunities to influence people who can emphasize with what is important to change the world for better so if I should say my manifesto it will go like this 

"Art is a form of activism" 

If you feel that art can change reality, I invite you to support my activities and ongoing projects. Your contribution will allow me to implement bolder and bolder projects which I hope will become a starting point for important discussions or changes, both political and social. So if you want to support my next works click: Support Misha Waks Projects

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