Misha Waks's Portfolio


The Restoration: Now or Never selected artists are Cara Romero, Coco Capitán, Formafantasma, Fred Tomaselli, Hayden Kays, Johan Deckmann, Khari Turner, Tianjiao Zhang, Edward Tsui, Lanmuzhi Yang, Lily Kwong, Misha Waks, Odinakachi Okoroafor, Olive Allen, Philomène Amougou, Piotr Krzymowski, Rewind Collective, Sophie Hughes, Stefan Brüggemann, Susan Unterberg, Tabita Rezaire, Wang Yuyang, Whitney Stolich, and Zhang Huan. 

The billboards and bus shelters launch during the week of May 31, 2021 in London, UK, and will be on view for at least one month. Exact locations coming soon.

Curated by Anne Verhallen, Daria Borisova, Michael Xufu Huang, Aindrea Emelife, and Destinee Ross-Sutton.

You can learn more about the selected artists at saveartspace.org/restoration.