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Beuys for Future

International Exhibition


We bring yesterday and today together for our future.

The German artist Joseph Beuys, important today for sustainable art, would have celebrated his 100th birthday in May 2021. Our project “Group Global 3000” is an embodiment his concept of the “social sculpture”. With the art we exhibit, its worldwide appeal, our togetherness and our ecological and economic practice, we want to stimulate the discourse for a sustainable world.

For Documenta 7, Joseph Beuys planted a total of 7,000 oak trees in Kassel, Germany, between 1982 and 1987. Commenting on his ecological artwork “Art-Nature-Culture” planned for Hamburg during this time, Beuys said, “The destruction is there, it has already progressed so far that it seems to many scientists to be irreparable.” Today, the Fridays For Future movement urges us to take scientists seriously.

We see his phrase “Everyone is an artist” as empowering people to create their future in a sustainable way. The power of Beuys can help us today to solve our global, existential climate crisis: We are inspired by his credibility, his interest in ecology, and his political society-changing action art.

We call on artists to join his perspective and produce works after our exhibition that address the climate crisis and the Sustainable Goals of the UN in the spirit of Joseph Beuys.

In response to our worldwide call, hundreds of artists from all over the world have applied for this exhibition.


We are pleased to present 18 exciting international artists from Antwerp, Marseille, London and Germany with video, super 8, object, installation and living installation, graphic and photo.

Tom Albrecht (D), Jenny Lyn Bader (USA), Stefan Brand (Brandstifter) (D), Peter Debusi (NEDE) (D), Jeanne Fredac (D), Stephan Groß (D), Maria Korporal (D), Petra Lehnardt-Olm (D), Rachael Mellors (Pete Hudson)(GB),  Annegret Müller (D), Angela Preusz (D), Jean-Michel Rolland (F), Lydia Schend (D), Mark Swysen (NL), Frederike Vidal (Vidal & Groth) (D), Misha Waks (PL), Kai Wolf (D), Yana Zschiedrich (D)


Since the corona crisis still requires restrictions, we will adjust the exhibition organization and program accordingly. The exhibition will be set up physically. Whether the events will take place physically in the gallery or online, you will see here on our site as soon as we have clarity about the lockdown. We plan digitally an annotated video tour, an online gallery and dialogical video – events.

Vernissage 26.3.2021, 7 pm: “GG3 performs sustainability”. A performance by the members of GG3 on their lived sustainability with their successes, omissions and compromises in everyday life, in art with its content or the material used.

Artists talk 9.4. , 7 pm:  Artists of the exhibition talk with guests about their works.

Lecture in german  23.4. , 7 p.m.: “Beuys for Future” Dr. Hildegard Kurt, cultural scientist, author and practically active in the field of the expanded concept of art. Co-founder and. Institute for Art, Culture and Sustainability e.V.

Workshop in german 11.5., 7 pm: For artists “Living sustainability in work, material and everyday life” How far do we want and manage to live sustainability?
Guests are warmly welcome. Leading Tom Albrecht

End of exhibition 4.6., 7 pm

Other Beuys exhibitions: Beuys worldwide, in Berlin Hamburger Bahnhof.

53rd exhibition, Jury Tom AlbrechtMariel Gottwick, Curator Tom Albrecht.